GETV is a TV station based in Los Angeles, CA. It broadcasts 24 hours a day through satellite, broadcast television, cable TV, IPTV and mobile apps. GETV brings high quality TV programs such as daily news from AP News, popular TV drama series from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The TV shows produced by GETV itself are also audience favorites, including exclusive interviews with Hollywood celebrities, G&E Live, Oscar Special, Lunar New Year Celebration, Chinese American Film Festival, as well as other exciting cultural programs.

GETV covers many countries in North American and Europe. All households in the U.S. can enjoy GETV by using satellite TV receiver and Dish Network. At the same time, GETV is available on broadcast television in major U.S. cities. In Los Angeles, GETV is broadcast on KXLA channel 44.9. In many countries, GETV also has broadcasting channels on IPTV platform.

Every year GETV participate in many red carpet Hollywood events. The Chinese American Film Festival is a major event that we actively participate each year. In addition, GETV also works with other media companies in the film and TV industries to co-produce movies and TV projects. As we take modern Hollywood movie and television technology to China market, we also bring the Chinese culture onto the global stage.