In 1993, EDI became the exclusive advertising agent for the China Central TV(CCTV) program called “China Today” in US. In the same year, it became the advertising agent for FOX TV network.

In 1994, EDI helped AATV gain access to cable network and became the exclusive advertising agent for AATV, which is invested by CCTV in Southern California.

In 1996, EDI started TV & fi lm copyright business between China and U.S.

In 2000, EDI and No Face Pictures joined their hands in motion picture productions.

In 2005, with joint effort between EDI and its Chinese partners, TSTV came on the air.

Since 2005, EDI organizes one of the most anticipated events of both Chinese and American film communities—Chinese American Film Festival.

Since 2005, EDI Culture Center organizes forums for Chinese and American Filmmakers on regular bases.

In 2008, EDI participated in the production of the documentary—Stand Tall—in memory of the earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province.

In 2009, EDI was awarded the Outstanding Radio Station Award, Charity Contribution Award and Excellent Host Award at the First Annual Global Chinese Radio Broadcasting Awards Ceremony.

Since 2011, EDI cooperated with Hollywood studios, expanded into the field of 3D film production and film rights trading business between China & U.S.

In 2011, EDI was awarded the title of Outstanding Promoter of Beijing Screenings at the First Annual Beijing International Film Festival.

In July 2012, EDI and M Star TV co-produced China’s first 20-episode family children idol drama, “Blue flowers”.

In August 2012, EDI and M Star TV co-produced China’s first 50-episode comedy drama featuring college students as military draftees, “Stories of Young Soldiers”. In October the same year, EDI also produced motivational film “Battle B-Boy” which premiered in the US.

In 2013, EDI co-produced an 8-episode TV series “New Born” and 13-episode documentary “Expedition II”.

In 2014, EDI co-produced and distributed two movies, “Anita Ho” and “American Fusion” internationally.